Boost your muscles with MYPROTEIN

Boost your muscles with MYPROTEIN

Boost your muscles with MYPROTEIN


A healthy, nutritious diet accompanied with routinely workout could be your best possible wager to maintain a fit body with lithe and strong muscles. So why not augment the chances of achieving those real-life goals with a protein food supplement to help boost your metabolism further and maintain a healthy physique? We at have been privileged with the official sole agent license from Myprotein and are proud to introduce Myprotein to the Sri Lankan market. Recognized as a branded and world renowned food product, Myprotein is the ideal protein food supplement void of side effects for the healthy, body conscious folks out there!


Why does Myprotein qualify as the ideal Protein Food Supplement?


From giving cells their structure to various other biological functions, Amino acids play a pivotal role as part of a protein food supplement. As the building blocks of proteins, the composition of Amino acids available in a protein food supplement is therefore very important. Symbolic of the essential macronutrient that helps maintain lean muscles and a healthy body mass, a protein shake such as Myprotein could thus give you best results as part of a healthy dietary plan accompanied with daily workout.

It is also healthier and convenient since you can now have better control over your total protein intake when a Protein Food Supplements such as Myprotein is added to your dietary plan. Myprotein is a healthy, protein food supplement certified for its high quality by the independent food tester namely ‘Labdoor’. However, the lack of a strong official regulation for Food Supplements in Sri Lanka has created a very risky environment for those looking for high quality Protein Food Supplements available in the market.  So here are five facts you need to take into account if you are contemplating to consume a Protein Food Supplement.


1.       Low-Quality Food Supplements

Many food supplements available in the market today are unregulated and tampered with; promising to give you nothing except the shattering result of ‘expectation vs reality’. Such low quality food supplements disguised as the miracle cure for a dream body with lean muscles could only lead into adverse health effects. According to health statistics, many people between the aged of 40 and 50 diagnosed with liver damage and kidney failure have beng linked to the consumption of low quality food supplements. Do you know that such low quality food products could also lead to non communicable diseases such as hypertension while wreaking havoc with one’s blood circulatory system?

So, keep an eye out for Protein Food Supplements labeled ridiculously cheap and promising miraculous results in a short span of time. Never fall prey to the craftily woven, marketing ploy of unreliable manufacturers; who are ready to pounce on unsuspecting customers with their low-quality food supplements. Placing your health at stake to reach your fitness goals is not worth it! Food supplements only help boost the results of your daily workout efforts and dietary plan. Therefore, it will do well to bear in mind that it takes sweat, determination and hard work to make your body fitness dream come true.


2.       Beware of Pirate Food Supplements!


Here is what you need to know about the potential growth of Pirate Food Supplements!  The Food Supplement market is not immune to the illegal manufacturing and distribution of low quality products rampant in the black market. The harsh and bitter reality is that Sri Lanka too like many other developing countries is within the clutches of this marketing menace, deemed to be illegal and unethical. Guised as branded products, people are fooled into believing that pirate products are safe for consumption while in reality what they bargain for is nothing but a low grade replica of the original, branded version of a Protein Food Supplement.

Tricky and subtle as it may seem, the difference between an original and duplicate food supplement is hard to distinguish unless a food lab test is conducted to verify the truth. From innocuos substances to drastically wrong formulas manufactured with low quality ingredients, pirate food supplements will run your pockets empty and jeopardize your health. This is why it is always important to purchase food supplements only from reputable outlets and sites that conform to international and local food regulatory standards.


3.       How do I know who delivers good quality food supplements?

Being vigilant and informed is the key to making the right choice in identyfying good, quality food supplements available in the market. Though certainely a challenge, this could be overcome if you know exactly where to look to. In case you are already consuming or inclined to take a Protein Food Supplement, we recommend you to look not further than the information published by independent lab testers/researchers who do an excellent job in certifying the quality of good food supplements available in the market. Labdoor ( is one such independent tester that we endorse without fear that is happy to share its’ test results online for public scrutiny. As one of the independent testers of all time, Labdoor does an outstanding service in constantly monitoring and rating food supplements ideal for physical fitness.


4.       What brands are trustworthy?


Among the countless number of food supplements available in the market today, Myprotein ( gains prominence as a good brand of Protein Food Supplement ready to cater to your daily dose of protein intake. Certified by Labdoor as one of the best brands on store, Myprotein is valued as a top-rated brand that you can trust without an inkling of doubt to lead you astray. In time to come, we do believe that Sri Lanka will join the lead in manufacturing high quality protein supplements that could be rated excellent; mainly because the brands that gain high rates are currently produced outside Sri Lanka. We at therefore believe that our clients could reap maximum benefits from Myprotein which is currently manufactured in the United Kingdom.



5.       Where can you buy Protein Food Supplements endorsed by Labdoor in Sri Lanka? ( is the one stop destination for anyone on pursuit of best Protein Food Supplements. Constantly venturing to introduce the best products to the local market, has always focused on marketing food supplements that are endorsed by Labdoor and other similar organizations. Making great strides in introducing only the best in food supplements, we at are glad to partner with nutritional brands in the United Kingdom where food regulations are stringent and closely monitored. We believe that our ever-growing clientele would continue to garner the full benefits of Protein Food Supplements available at our store to help materialize their fitness goals successfully.


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